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Police Maintained Criminal Silence on the murder of 11 Years old Girl in Johi, Dadu

11 years old Jamila Solangi daughter of Dhani Bus Solangi died yesterday June 29, 2014, in civil hospital Dadu. 15 days ago, 11 years old girl Jamila Solangi was kidnapped by some persons of the solangi clan from Manwani Solangi, near Johi, Dadu. Her father said that he went to police for registering FIR against the criminals who had kidnapped his daughter, but police did not listen, nor FIR was registered against them. Police was just beating about the bush, but not taking practical action against these criminals because they were influential persons and had given bribe to police of relevant police station. Then, we (father of victim girl) went to court for lodging FIR against the criminals.

On our move to court, criminals throw our daughter in the street after having gang rapped. We took our daughter to hospital to provide her treatment, but she could not survive. Criminals and rapists are still free. Police do not act to bring these barbaric and inhuman persons into the court to give us justice.

Police are created to defend people, their property and implement the laws and the constitutional of the Pakistan made to secure fundamental rights of every citizen entitled them. If, The state departments and laws enforcement agencies become violators and abusers then who will protect the basic rights of people in this country. Then what is the fruit of making number of legislation, having international laws, conventions and agreements promising to secure fundamental rights human beings.

If we want to see this society to be civilized, respecting human rights and promoting peace then we need to put our efforts together for rooting out such evils, promoting social justice in the society and to bring criminal and offenders into the court for justice to be provided to the victim. Otherwise, such evil will overwhelm and destroying our all cultural and societal values and norms.

Let us put our voice together against such evils by either means we have available around us.


Brief Organizational History

Institute for Social Change is a non-government rights based and humanitarian organization established in May 2010 with the mission to facilitate the poor, marginalized and socially and political excluded communities in the far-flung areas of Sindh to climb the ladder of economic, social, and cultural development. It is registered under Societies Act 1860 of Pakistan. ISC has professional, technical and development specialists on its board to provide strong leadership, strategic vision and directions to the management personnel for efficiency and efficacy of program designing and implementation.


Peaceful and prosperous society ensures equal rights and privileges to all citizens


To facilitate the poor marginalized and socially and politically suppressed communities to have access to state resources on equal and equitable basis; and are organized to take self-help initiatives; and are bettered positioned to absorb the shocks of climate change and disasters

Objectives (s)

  1. To enhance knowledge base of marginalized communities, the youth and humanitarian activists about basic human rights enshrined in national and international humanitarian instruments, the constitution of Pakistan, various national and provincial policies and acts
  2. To contribute to the promotion of quality education in Pakistan
  3. To facilitate the communities organize into village/community organizations for collective and collaborative efforts for the socioeconomic development
  4. To build the capacity of disaster prone communities for increased and sustained resilience to disasters and climate change impacts
  5. To conduct action research in key thematic areas such as human rights, food security, water, environment, land rights, resource protection etc and launch advocacy and lobbying campaigns
  6. To establish institutional and human resource development centre to provide capacity enhancement services to the communities, CSOs, private sector and government departments

Thematic Program Areas

  • Education for Development
  • Human Rights Awareness
  • Youth Development Program
  • Interfaith Harmony and Peace
  • Sustainable Livelihood Development

Geographic Coverage

Initially, Institute for Social Change has started its interventions into five disasters prone and under privileged districts i.e. Jamshoro, Matiari, Thatta, Tando Mohammad Khan, Meer Pur Khas, and Tando Allah Yar and will expand its coverage with the passage of time across the Sindh and Pakistan.

Our Values & Culture

  • Participation
  • Transparency
  • Indiscrimination
  • Accountability
  • Humanitarian approach
  • Justice
  • Struggle
  • Coordination

Our Working Approach

ISC has three-prong program approach i.e. a) Capacity building, education of masses and structural development b) Action Research and Advocacy c) Disaster and climate risk management. Social mobilization, community participation and gender inclusiveness are at the centre of all the programs within ISC.