Education for Development

ISC believes that education is fundamental human rights and foundation for development and changing the social fabric of society as whole. Therefore, protecting the right to education is a key to enabling people to secure other basic rights. A major challenge for the education in Pakistan is lack of interest on the part of public institutions to provide quality basic education since the public sectors is rapidly losing its credibility due to absence of accountability and corruption. Education should provide children with the attitude as well as the skills that are conductive to promoting creativity, problem solving and coping with uncertainties.  Bringing very child into classroom in no longer enough-each child is entitled to high quality of education that will best prepare them for the future.

The goal of ISC’ Education Program is to make a significant contribution to the achievement of education for all in its operation areas. We aim to improve the quality and delivery of services in education appropriate to the needs of poor children, in particular girls, and to increase their access to those services. Our purpose is to help fill the remaining gaps in coverage, retention, and quality of primary basic education.