Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster management is a big challenge for the community as well as for the public sector in Pakistan to cope with the situation to minimize the risk and enabling community to reduce their vulnerability by to be acquainted with updated knowledge, early warning system and capacity to adapt alternatives to protect their life and belongings. As climate change has hit the world and has caused change in patterns of weather, environment and means of productions that has been ultimately bringing floods, droughts, cyclones, heavy rains, snowfalls and other disasters. In this situation, only the well prepared, well informed and well skilled nations across the world would able to cope with situation and could reduce the impacts of those disasters.

It is already predicted by the experts that Sought Asia is on the hit list of disasters caused by the climate change and this is the sole reason that Pakistan, particularly Sindh is observing severe floods of its history. Elders person say they have never seen such rains nor have heard from their forefathers. It is first time in history that district Merpur khas of Sindh has observed rain up to 8.6 milliliters that volume of rain has washed away everything including livelihoods, infrastructure, schoolings, assets an belongings etc.

ISC intends to build the community capacity, through practical approach and by involving community into community based disaster management practices, increase their skills in disasters preparedness and enable them to develop their evacuation plans to move to safer location in case of emergency.