Human Rights Awareness

Situation of human rights in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh is the worst. Despite that the every citizens of Pakistan is entitled with basic human rights through national and international bindings, laws and constitutions, and state is responsible for the protections of basic human rights its citizens by implementing all the constitution and international human rights laws. But, lack of interest of the part of state has put people into insecure condition where very people are insecure and seeing violation of basic human rights around them.

The goal of ISC’s Rights Education and Advocacy to enhance knowledge base of marginalized communities, the youth and humanitarian activists about basic human rights enshrined in national and international humanitarian instruments, the constitution of Pakistan, various national and provincial policies and acts and to develop pressure through mobilization and awareness upon the state and public institutions to implement the laws and policies and enforce the international bindings  for the protection of basic rights.

We aim to enhance the awareness level of people and let them know about their rights they have entitled in national and international bindings so that people should demand their basic rights on the their own.